How to Grow a Great Lawn [3 Steps]

A vibrant lawn garden

If there’s one secret to growing a great lawn, it’s this: don’t get distracted by the grass.

That sounds funny, but sometimes the end goal sidetracks us from the process. We all want beautiful grass, of course, but it’s easy to overlook the necessary steps to getting there. Well, we want you to have beautiful grass, too, and we’re here to help make it happen. In this article, we’ll cover the three key components to growing a lush, green yard this year or any year: quality soil, strong roots, and healthy grass.

Our Tips For Growing Great Grass:

Quality Soil

Healthy grass begins with healthy soil, and sickly grass often indicates poor soil. We don’t always think of soil—dirt—in these terms. But healthy soil provides vital minerals, oxygen, and hydration that enable seeds to thrive. Just ask any farmer!

Much of the soil around Sioux Falls, sometimes called clay soil, is dry and hard. Clay soil doesn’t hold water well, which makes growing a healthy lawn more difficult than in other regions. Thankfully, applying a quality soil conditioner can reduce soil compaction, boost water retention, and support good microbial activity in your yard.

Scotts® Foundation Soil Conditioner is a fantastic option for this. Regular application—at least twice a year—will promote long-term soil health and grass growth. For more immediate results, look for products that contain gypsum, a soft sulfate mineral that also improves the foundation of your lawn. Simply ask for assistance at Nyberg’s Ace and we’ll show you several options.

Ace Exclusive Scotts Foundation Soil Improver

Strong Roots

Next we turn to roots. The good news is that root issues are usually soil issues, so most of your work here is done by the time you’ve conditioned your soil. Roots absorb minerals and water from soil as they anchor your grass deeper into the ground. As long as your soil facilitates that process, you’re good to go.

However, you still need the correct seeds, feeds, and fertilizers at this stage. Just like our soil, our region’s grasses are unique—mostly fescue, ryegrass, and bluegrass. Other types of seed, like Kentuky Bluegrass, do not handle our climate well. As a rule of thumb in South Dakota, look for a grass seed that’s a “sun/shade mix,” whether you’re starting from scratch or reseeding your lawn.

Nyberg’s Ace carries a premium selection of regional grass seeds and feeds to promote strong roots for healthy grass. We’re happy to help you find just the right product for your yard!

Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair

Healthy Grass

Finally—luscious, green, healthy grass! Here again, if you’ve maintained quality soil and strong seed roots, healthy grass comes almost automatically (with a little help from water and sunshine). But every healthy yard needs attention. That’s where fertilizers come in.

These days, there are dozens of effective fertilizers and fertilizer programs that feed your grass and prevent weeds. If your yard’s root system is robust enough, most weeds won’t stand a chance to grow. But products like Scotts fertilizer provide additional defense and nutrients for your grass. Using any basic spreader, simply follow the bag’s instructions and let nature do the rest.

At Nyberg’s Ace, we highly recommend a natural fertilizer called Milorganite, which never burns yards (no chemicals) and provides remarkable long-lasting results. In fact, this is the fertilizer often used on golf courses for that deep, rich green grass. Try it in your yard this year!

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We’re The Helpful Lawn & Garden Place

We understand every lawn situation is unique. Your grass might even look wildly different than your neighbor’s. The Lawn & Garden staff at Nyberg’s Ace are specially trained to help you identify exactly what your yard needs. We’ll point you to the right products and tools so you can get to enjoying your lawn again. Because isn’t that what yard work is all about?

In addition to grass seeds, feeds, and fertilizers, we offer the widest selection of lawn and gardening products in the region—from flowers and pots to mowers, pest control, and beyond. Swing by today!

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