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Scotts is a family of product lines that bring solutions to lawn care, pest control, and weed management. Our complete line of Scotts products has everything you need to achieve a beautiful lawn.

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We carry a variety of Miracle-Grow products to support gardens, flower beds, and other yard work needs, including organic soils, plant foods, and more.


Have a weed problem? Our selection of Roundup products can help. Ask a team member at Nyberg's Ace which type will best take care of your weeds.

Whitney Farms

Whitney Farms is a premium line of all-natural organic fertilizer and soils that allows you to grow beautiful and bountiful container gardens. Ask a team member about the benefits of our Whitney Farms products.


Ortho products help exterminate insects and pests in and around your house, as well as provide additional weed defense for your yard. Our team can help you determine which product will take care of the pests you're experiencing.


Our line of Tomcat products can help you take care of rodents around your home and yard, like ground squirrels or mice. Like always, our team is happy to recommend the best product for your situation.

Dvoracek Tom

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Tom D.

"It can be tough to know what products to use for what situation. I love helping customers make decisions for improving their lawn or getting rid of pests. It's rewards to see the relief on their faces when we help them figure out a plan of action."

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Explore a wide selection of Scotts products at any Nyberg's Ace location. Don't hesitate to ask a team member for guidance or recommendations!

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