The Nyberg’s Ace Grill ‘n Smoke Guide

Varied meat on grills and smokers

You don’t need to be a professional foodie to appreciate a hot meal off the grill. Home grilling is a simple and gratifying way to enhance flavors in almost any kind of food, from meats and veggies to fruits and beyond.

Maybe you’ve noticed the different types of grills for sale at Nyberg’s Ace Grill ‘n Smoke. Why do we carry so many? Because different grills accomplish different results—and different flavors. In this post we’ll explain the differences between our favorite grills, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your appetite.

Gas Grills

Gas grills offer rapid heat and fine-tuned temperature control, allowing you to get your food cooked fast and accurately. Propane is also relatively inexpensive and lasts longer than a standard bag of charcoal.

Plus, gas grills put off very little smoke, yielding pure, natural flavors in your food. (If you prefer a more smoky taste, keep reading.) Because they require a propane cylinder, gas grills are generally larger than charcoal or wood pellet grills. However, most can withstand inclement weather just fine—which is crucial in South Dakota!

Nyberg’s Ace Grill ‘n Smoke offers several quality gas grills from Weber®Camp Chef, and other trusted brands. Swing by and you’ll be firing up your favorite foods in no time.

Charcoal Grills

Many grilling enthusiasts swear by charcoal, claiming it produces smoky flavors that gas grills just can’t match. We’ll let you decide, but charcoal grills definitely help you attain delicious, savory tastes in your food.

They’re also more affordable and portable than gas grills. You could easily store a small charcoal grill in the back of your vehicle for a camping trip.

Like we mentioned above, charcoal burns faster than propane. It also takes longer to heat up. Some grillers enjoy a slower preheat, using the extra time to prep food or unwind with a cold beverage. It all depends on your preferences and grilling style.

If you love that hands-on feeling of lighting a fire to grill your food, and if you prefer rich, smoky flavors, a charcoal grill could be right for you.

Weber also makes several great charcoal grills. (Fun fact: Nyberg’s Ace was the first retailer to bring Weber Grills to Sioux Falls in 1958.) Just talk to a Grill ‘n Smoke specialist at Nyberg’s Ace about which is best for your grilling goals.

Wood Pellet Grills

Wood pellet grills have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. These modern grills offer the best of both worlds: the convenience of gas grills and the savory, wood-smoked taste of charcoal.

How do wood pellet grills work? As the name suggests, these grills run on natural wooden pellets which are loaded into a chamber and ignited with electricity. An induction fan keeps the pellets burning hot and helps release smoke to cook your food above. Most wood pellet grills come with a digital temperature control for precision cooking.

Different types of wood pellets—like maple, hickory, and cherry—also affect the final flavors of your food. Experimenting with different pellets is half the fun!

A Note About Smokers

Wood pellet grills can technically be considered smokers, because they use heat and smoke to cook your food. However, traditional smokers generally require more attention (feeding it wood at the appropriate rate) as they cook at lower temperatures over longer periods of time. Wood pellet grills can accomplish the same results, but with less work on your part.

Nyberg’s Ace Grill ‘n Smoke is a Platinum Traeger Dealer, with the largest selection of Traeger® wood pellet grills in the area. If you’re ready to take your grill game to the next level, we highly recommend you consider one. Your taste buds will thank you.

Your Complete BBQ Headquarters

Once you have your grill picked out, you’ll want to browse our selection of over 250 smoker chips, pellets, and charcoals, as well as premium grilling accessories including over 150 delicious BBQ sauces and rubs. Bonus: all sales of our delicious Bravo Bravo Que sauces help end Veteran homelessness.

Our Grill ‘n Smoke department also carries a full line of Big Green Egg cookers & accessories, another fantastic option that combines modern engineering with primitive grilling practices for delicious results every time.

We know—purchasing a new grill is a big decision. The Grill ‘n Smoke pros at Nyberg’s Ace Grill ‘n Smoke are happy to talk through your options and help you take home a grill you’ll love for years to come. Your family and friends will love it, too.

Ready to get grilling? Find a Nyberg’s Ace store close to you.