Victor 2 Pack Quick-Set Snap Trap

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Product Overview

The Victor Quick-Set Mouse Trap has been designed with efficiency in mind and features an innovative Kill Point Feature. The sleek design works to maneuver mice into a position for a clean and instant kill. The Kill Point technology provides a point on the trap where it can snap onto its target instead of using a blunt edge. For your convenience, the Quick-Set Mouse Trap is easy to use. With just one click, the trap is simple to set and release, while also avoiding putting your fingers in harm's way. It's the perfect trap to use again and again. Don't want to touch the mouse No problem. This product is effective and suitable anywhere indoors or outdoors. The trap contains no chemicals or poisons, so it is acceptable to use around children and pets when used as directed.

  • Simple set and release with just one click
  • Includes innovative Kill Point feature for an instant and humane kill
  • Bait hook ensures proper baiting and helps prevent stolen bait
  • No touch emptying with squeeze-and-release design