Pine Mountain 6 Pack 3 Hour Fire Logs

SKU: 4335550


Product Overview

Pine Mountain 3-Hour Firelogs light quickly and easily with big flames. They are inspired by nature and crafted from natural and renewable ingredients. That's why we've made it our mission to bring you nature-inspired products that make it easy to nestle up to a cozy fire, in the fireplace or around the campfire, with a simple strike of a match. Our firelogs burn cleaner and greener than firewood and cordwood.

  • Simply light the wrapper and enjoy a bright fire in minutes with a 3 hour burn time
  • Our firelogs burn cleaner than firewood, producing up to 80% less carbon monoxide and 75% less particulate matter
  • Nearly all the materials in our products are made from renewable resources
  • We're dedicated to bringing you only the finest quality, nature-inspired products that make it easy for you & your family to cozy up in front of the fireplace or gather around the campfire, with a simple strike of a match
  • The log burns for up to 3 hours, providing the ultimate natural ambience with big, bold flames
  • It's quick & easy to light and burns more evenly and consistently than real wood
  • It comes wrapped in paper for no-mess handling
  • Perfect for clean and easy use vs. traditional firewood
  • No more carrying and storing hard to light bundles of firewood