50ft. All-Season Garden Hose

SKU: 7204191


Product Overview

Need a garden hose that stays flexible no matter what the thermometer reads Designed to stay flexible year-round in all temperatures to eliminate the need for adjustment whether it's hot or cold outside. This all-season hose is a medium-duty garden hose perfect for everyday watering tasks such as watering the garden, watering the lawn and general cleanup. With a 5/8-inch inside diameter and strong 300+ PSI burst strength, this water hose delivers just the right amount of water at the right speed for all of your outdoor needs. This flexible garden hose also includes Hose Armour at the female coupling to prevent it from kinking at the water source, while aircraft-grade-aluminum couplings are crush-resistant to 900 PSI. An easy-to-clean jacket, meanwhile, is abrasion-resistant to help keep this all season hose free from wear and tear. Specifications
  • Fits all standard faucets and most water accessories
  • Medium-duty all-weather garden hose that remains flexible in a variety of temperatures
  • Durable construction