3 Steps to Spring Your Home to Life

There’s a special kind of excitement when it comes to sprucing up your home at the start of spring. Any wear and tear to your home or freezing of your garden can be reversed and reborn with just a bit of help from your local Nyberg’s Ace!

Before we get carried away, let’s start to improve your home and enhance your life one step at a time. For a simple road map to getting your home back on track read on!

Step #1 Clearing Debris

Before we go planting or painting let’s first get our hands dirty by checking the gutters. A season of rain, snow, and maybe even hail has created a lot of build-up, which is expected during the colder seasons.

Take it from us, nothing good comes from plugged-up gutters. You can find yourself dealing with water damage, rotten boards, and more. So be sure to start your spring cleaning by showing your gutters some love. With the sun at your back grab some gardening tools and scoop out any leaves from your home. Lastly, spray the insides of the gutters with a garden hose and watch the downspouts. Be sure the water flows freely!If you’re really looking to freshen up your home for spring, take the debris from your gutters and place them in a bag for composting.

If maybe cleaning the gutters isn’t your thing, go ahead and buy some gutter guards! You just insert them in your gutters to prevent leaf and debris buildup throughout the year. Ask the helpful staff at your neighborhood Nyberg’s Ace for advice on how to install it if you have questions!

Step #2 Prepping The Flower Beds

Time for the fun part, tending to your garden. Assuming you’ve kept good care of your lawn during the winter, if not see our tips for How To Prep Your Lawn For Spring, this should be a quick start.

Let’s start with making room for new flower beds and killing weeds and grass in the area. All you’ll need is some old newspaper, a simple sprayer with water, and mulch.

Mark some borders for your new planned flowerbeds, then lay out your newspapers to cover the soon-to-be flowerbed. Spray them down with water from your simple sprayer, and if you want to be sure your green thumb comes through, try landscape fabric, it’s great at promoting growth and blocking weeds.

All that’s left is to add your mulch over the newspapers (if you cleaned your gutters and saved the debris you can also add that instead after it spends some time composting). This method is perfect for making sure your garden is lush with flowers and plants from start to end.

Get Organized #3

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your home is take a step back and take inventory. Organize garden tools, outdoor furniture, camping gear, and other miscellaneous items. Check out these inexpensive ways to get organized and clear any outside clutter:

  • Build shelves for your patio, deck, shed, or garage.

  • Add discreet storage benches to your assortment of outdoor furniture. Storage benches can double as seating and are great for storing pillows and blankets.

  • Consider a storage cabinet for your tools. Small, subtle and easy to access, storage cabinets are a smart alternative when you don’t have the funds or space to install a garden shed.

Designing the perfect backyard can be easy and affordable when you implement these helpful tips! If you don’t have everything you need to complete all these landscaping ideas, don’t worry, our helpful Lawn and Garden experts are ready to help you get on track this spring.

The Helpful Lawn & Garden Place

For more helpful tips to get your space ready for spring, stop by your neighborhood Nybeg’s Ace to talk with the helpful Lawn & Garden staff. We are specially trained to help you identify exactly what your yard needs. We’ll point you to the right products and tools so you can get to enjoying your lawn again.

In addition to grass seeds, feeds, and fertilizers, we offer the widest selection of lawn and gardening products in the region—from flowers and pots to mowers, pest control, and beyond. Swing by today!