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Bird and Pet Supplies

Locations: 10th & Sycamore, 12th & Kiwanis, 41st & Minnesota, 41st & Sertoma, Downtown, Watertown

Nyberg’s Ace carries quality name brand foods for both dogs and cats:  Nutri Source, Country Vet Naturals, & Diamond in both adult and puppy/kitten formulas.  Over 144 feet of pet supplies including a huge selection of treats, toys, feeding supplies, collars, leashes, kennels & more!

ACE, KayTee, Wild Delight and Natures Beauty brands in Nyberg’s Ace Bird Feeding Department.  Over 68 feet of bird feeding supplies including a large selection of bird feeders, suet, dried meal worms and nectar for Orioles and Hummingbirds feeders.  Nyberg’s Ace also carries seed storage buckets with lids.  (Don’t forget our Bird Feeding Club – Buy 10 bags and get next one free.)